ethernet streaming...used to work on previous distros

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ethernet streaming...used to work on previous distros

Postby phd7 on Tue May 01, 2012 4:53 pm

I have a vu+ satellite box connected by cat5 ethernet, which I use to stream TV to the computer
This has always worked on
Mint KDE9 64bit
Ubuntu 10.10 gnome 32-bit
Mint 11 gnome 32bit

I gave the vu+ a static address:
primary dns

Then I just needed to type into firefox anf the webserver of the satellite box would open

I have just installed LMDE 201204 cinnimon/MATE 64bit and in the
in the MATE network manager I tried the exact settings that worked on the other 3...
1st 2 tabs blank, IPV4 tab to to "shared to other computers" , untick require IPV4 connection", IPV6 = ignore.......tick available to all users
but I cant connect via firefox
Even when i manually enter the 4 lines above into network manager, I still cant connect

When I look at the "connection information" for shows an IP address of !!!. This IP address is not changed in the other distros.

Any ideas how to correct this?
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