Samsung Tocco Lite GT-S5230

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Samsung Tocco Lite GT-S5230

Postby RicahrdS on Tue May 29, 2012 6:21 am

Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum for this post. However, my comments may help others with this phone.
Couldn't get Mint 11 to recognise the Tocco Lite phone although, the PC icon appeared on the phone. Solution was quite simple - Under 'Settings,' 'Phone settings' there is a section called 'PC Connections. Here there are 4 options - 'Ask on Connection,' 'Samsung PC Studio -(an awful app when I ran Win XP),' 'Media Player' and 'Mass Storage.' Selecting the last of these 'Mass Storage' and then connecting the phone to the pc with the USB cable resulted in Mint 'mounting' the SD card as an 8GB File System and hey presto - easy file management.
Frankly delighted that this was so easy and a little surprised. In fact so chuffed decided to make this my first ever post anywhere of a tip for other users!
Hope it helps somebody else.

Actually. should have waited. For some reason files copied to the SD card in the phone do not appear on the phone as the card format is not readable. So next step is to try Samsung PC Studio running in WINE.
Thank you
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