SSL login to the forums or Launchpad SSO support?

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SSL login to the forums or Launchpad SSO support?

Postby zonish on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:15 pm

(I hope I am posting this in a suitable forum, could not find any better one here)

If I am to check out Mint, then I would like the perspective of getting to know people through interacting with this community, and hence I would find my user account more and more valuable over time. That means that I would like to secure my password so nobody could hijack the account later.

Are there plans to offer SSL login (and registration too) to the forums, and to the password change page as well?
(preferably optionally for the whole session).

I dont even start if I know my account may be taken easily by anyone at any time.
More and more forums realise that this is becoming an increasingly important concern.

Alternatively: any plans of offering launchpad supported single-signon? That would solve the login security at least.

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