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Laptop Wireless switch issue

Postby jubei on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:02 am

Hello everyone!

I just downloaded and successfully installed LMDE 201204 onto my laptop (BenQ P41 - Turion X2 TL60 - Radeon Xpress 1100 - Atheros AR5006EG). I just registered and this is my first post here in the forum.....
Mint installation went really smooth and everything seemed to function properly.
My only problem is the wireless switch that behaves strangely. To be fair, this is not a specific mint issue. I have the exact same problems with other distros: Arch, Chakra, Sabayon...
But yet, I am hoping you guys can help me out with this minor issue.

In windows I have to press Fn+F12
once: activate wireless switch (blue led on)
twice: activate bluetooth, wireless off (orange led on)
three times: both bluetooth and wireless are on (pink led on)
4 times: both off (no led)
I can do this anytime; during boot or when windows is already up and running

However, in Mint (or should I say in Linux) I can only do it during boot. and in this case, my wireless works like a charm - no issue whatsoever. Fn+F12 functioned exactly like in windows, even Led showed the correct colors sequence.

But if I pressed Fn+F12 once I reached the desktop environment, wireless remains off.
pressed once: wireless off (no led)
twice:bluetooth on, wireless off (orange led on)
three times: bluetooth on, wireless off (orange led on)
4 times: both off (no led)

Apparently Rfkill is not installed by default in LMDE 201204 so I just want ahead and installed it from repo.
sudo rfkill list showed:
0: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: yes
sudo rfkill unblok 0 or unblok all or unblok wifi did not do anything

while fiddling around, I accidentally pressed Fn+F2 and laptop went to sleep. I pressed enter to wake it up and afterwards Fn+F12 trigerred the correct LED colors (once = blue, twice = orange, etc..) but wireless remains off.
rfkill list still showed Hard blocked: yes.
If I restart the system, network manager immediately picked my hotspot without me pressing Fn+F12. I do not protect my hotspot so network mgr immediately establishing connection.
If I pressed Fn+F12, led did not show the proper color (only indicated orange when bluetooth is on) and I can not switched off the wireless.
Furthermore, I already checked BIOS setting but there was nothing related to wireless

I hope somebody can help me to solve this weird issue
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