Linux Mint 13 Xfce RC released!

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Re: Linux Mint 13 Xfce RC released!

Postby Monsta on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:09 am

Looks like the ISOs has been approved for stable release.
Some test cases are marked as failed or untested though, see and for more info.
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Re: Linux Mint 13 Xfce RC released!

Postby Miami592 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:54 pm

Right now the stable version is here:

The rest of the servers should have it up for download in a day or two.
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Re: Linux Mint 13 Xfce RC released!

Postby Berkah on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:32 am

Thanks for the news! Appreciate that help! :D
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Re: Linux Mint 13 Xfce RC released!

Postby Adelante on Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:56 am

An early review, overall positive:

Review: Linux Mint 13 LTS "Maya" Xfce
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Re: Linux Mint 13 Xfce RC released!

Postby l8night on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:22 pm

Alas Mint 13 64bit is very unstable on my Dell Studio Xps 17 (i7 with 8g) laptop. I have tried all versions and have re-installed Mint 11 Gnome (which is fantastic),
it may be a 3rd party driver issue as I require the Broadcom STA proprietary wireless driver and the ATI/AMD propriety FGLRX graphics driver.
My issues are;
I have a logitec bluetooth mouse which worked with Mint11 but under Mint13 it would say it was connected but did not work, sometimes I could get it to work by removing it, rebooting and in connecting
(and the bluetooth interface is less user friendly)
the ATI/AMD FGLRX graphics driver did not work (caused odd graphic corruptions)
the X window manager dies after a few days (first time I though I'd broken it by installing Java7) the second time it dies I installed twm just to get to a point where I could save the files I was working on
after that twm seemed to be used as a fall back windowmanager and the only solution was a reinstall
and from then onwards my wifi stopped working. (thus I have returned to Mint11 which has been rock solid for the last year)
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