Nautilus loads thumbnails every time...can they be cached?

Nautilus loads thumbnails every time...can they be cached?

Postby cmost on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:42 am

As someone whose returned to Mint after using KDE on Sabayon for several years, one annoying thing about Nautilus in Cinnamon is that it loads the thumbnails for image files every single time. I have numerous directories full of picture images. It's really annoying having to wait on Nautilus to re-generate the thumbnails for hundreds of picture files every single time I peruse one of these directories. Is there something I can do to force Nautilus to cache or otherwise "remember" the thumbnails after it generates them the first time and then have it only generate thumbnails for new images added to the directory thereafter? Or is this yet another thing that Gnome developers think its users are too stupid to manage? Much help appreciated. Thanks!
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