Dep problem: "gnome-icon-theme-symbolic" and "nautilus"

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Dep problem: "gnome-icon-theme-symbolic" and "nautilus"

Postby Narann on Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:38 pm

I've just discover a dependency problem upgrading to pack 5:

If I remove the package "gnome-icon-theme-symbolic", I don't have the "search" icon (une loupe en français) in "nautilus". I have a black icon with a red cross.

This is specified in the package info:

"Ce paquet fournit un ensemble d'icônes utilisées par le bureau GNOME. Les
icônes sont utilisées dans le menu du panneau, dans nautilus et d'autres
applications, pour représenter les applications, fichiers, répertoires et

(sorry, in french)

But I can safety remove this package ("gnome-icon-theme-symbolic") and don't have any warning or dependency message related to nautilus... :(

What is very bizarre is that this icon is the only missing one if the package is not present (because I use Mint-X icons...

Maybe this icon is missing in Mint-X? Any info?

Thanks in advance! :)
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