ArrangeWindows keybind doesn't work with tint2

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ArrangeWindows keybind doesn't work with tint2

Postby wiksten on Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:34 am

I really like the option in fluxbox to use it as a tiling wm. I easily set it up to work as a tiling wm, hiding the titlebar with alt+F8 and arranging the windows with alt+F7, when I set this up in LM9 *box fluxbox treated Tint2 as a window and left 1 third (running 2 apps) in the middle of the screen.

I guess i could just discard Tint2 and uncheck the fb panel in the start or init file and have it working, but i like Tint2 and would like to get it work without throwing it away. Is there a way to get the ArrangeWindows command to ignore running programs and especially Tint2?

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Re: ArrangeWindows keybind doesn't work with tint2

Postby mifrosu on Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:22 pm

Hello! Two years to the day I find myself in the same boat. Here's how I solved it (sorry if this solution is too late for you).
You need to use a client pattern to exempt tint2 from the arrangewindows functions. The entries in my .fluxbox/keys files are as follows:

Shift Control Mod1 H :arrangewindowshorizontal (Name!=tint2)
Shift Control Mod1 V :arrangewindowsvertical (Name!=tint2)
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