Mac-adress based security headache

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Mac-adress based security headache

Postby ltnemo2000 on Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:38 pm

Im a university student and i have to register my computer's mac address using Bradford's scanning software
Its a terrible system that only works with 32-bit lib systems (it looks for a file in /lib and freaks out if the file is in /lib64)
it also contains a typo that only ubuntu seems to ignore. (kdalog instead of kdialog)
naturally, the script is read-only so i cant fix anything my self.
the solution seems to be installing ubuntu 12.04.1 on an external HDD and running the scan through that.
this is getting to be annoying though. It seems that every 5 or 6 days i'm sitting back down to re-register
if my mac address is getting registered then why do i have to update so often?
is there a way to make this work inside LMDE?
is there a way to fix the .bin's typos?
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