need upgrade to newest mint cversion while keeping settings

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need upgrade to newest mint cversion while keeping settings

Postby jamied_uk on Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:06 pm

bridging text box editing to dialogs on kde

for websites and uploading of files using website and pages

first hurdle:

was i canot always use website ftp and edit the contents of the upload box test so another way of uploading a file i need faster if update of files has failed for example which happens,

second hurdle:

as kde fails to update files as stated above and also again in the dialogue box
this is especially for gthe dialogue issue to stop confusion as theres multiple issues.

in conclusion:

kde should fix this so i can type inside the dialogue box and other modification should take place after the previous statement has been updated successfully this will act as a fail safe in case theres any issues that are to be resolved before attempting any other update for kde or linux mint

on a final note i belive mint can be even better by having a section for updating that will not affect the integraty of the settings used for networking, graphics etc (where possible even if it takes time down the line and do this in steps)

this is for but not limited to and is especially concerning web server and other network functions that should not ever be overlooked and is the main setback and hesiting installing a new mint version also should have a go back to previous link added on this new way of update and upgrading and going to the newest mint version for example from 10 to 13, if there not completely happy they have an option there available for a time period they specifie (to eventually free up space).

other things shouuld follow where possible for ease of use.


I would be over the moon knowing aswell that one day when all this is done it could be made possible to go from 32 bit to 64 bit without 1: having to start from scatch loosing pressas settings


It would have more appelabilty and will in essance close the gap between current paid leaders that little bit more.

upgrading mint version without loosing settings and hotswapping between 32 and 64 and


i still have minor issue concerning running virtualization for sound editing and graphic design and some games.

but also this (after installation of new upgrade to latest mint os option would be good along with the chane from 32 bit and 64 depending on when you would like to delete the other bit so you can hotswap between 32 and 64 or you could remove 1 at any time, or even somehow change back with another option even after deleted files, by re downloading and installing required files again.
this could then install from updates as normal saving space in the long run will be made easy.
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