Sound and then no more

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Sound and then no more

Postby DaComboMan on Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:00 pm

Just did a fresh install with all the upgrades.

Open Firefox for Youtube and i get some sound.
Switch to Logitech headset, no more sound anywhere.

Reboot. Youtube gives sound.
Switch to Logitech headset, no more sound anywhere (even after closing/reopening Firefox).

Reboot. Youtube gives sound... you guessed the rest.

Did choose Logitech headset from audio controls but that doesn't do anything.

Update: -after a solid shutdown/reboot, sound was cut off all together so, to take it to extremes,
i've decided to re-install and when upgrade time comes around, i won't write over any existing installation.
You know what i mean. Those prompts that occasionally pop up when doing upgrade.
It's the only thing/solution i can think of right now.
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