How to disable 10 minute power down from unattended boot?

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How to disable 10 minute power down from unattended boot?

Postby SlashDotTom on Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:55 am

I have a computer that receives a Wake-on-LAN packet in the morning so that it can do an unattended boot up and automatically logs in. Then after 1 minute, the screensaver is set to start and displays my photos. This is the main purpose, to exhibit photos, but there's a problem.

What I have found is that after 10 minutes the computer screen stops receiving a signal and switches off. From the Linux GUI,the screensaver and power management settings appear to be set accordingly so that nothing should be switched off. Computer's BIOS settings and LED screen are also set accordingly.

Further investigation found that if I press any key after the unattended boot and automatic login but prior to the screensaver starting, this issue does not happen. Also, when left to boot unattended and after 10 minutes no screen signal, I press any key which brings the screen signal back on and I am presented with the password login (as set in screensaver), if left alone the screensaver starts after 1 minute, as it should. From there on the issue doesn't happen, until the next unattended boot the following morning. To me it looks like an issue only related to an 'unattended' boot / login, only with a single key press or move of the mouse cursor does the issue not appear.

Is there somewhere else that has settings that can be tweaked to disable this, or something else the computer can do to stop this from happening?

OS = LMDE 201204 32bit, no extra software added.
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