SanDisk 32 GB SDHC

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SanDisk 32 GB SDHC

Postby abtygwyn on Mon Nov 05, 2012 3:35 pm

Just tried to read some pictures off a SanDisk card

Its a 32 GB SDHC card and works in another reader, and is obviously fine in the camera.It might just be my system.
I'm using LMDE up to date and my internal card reader reads my own micro sd card which is held in an adapter and I have no problems with this.
My laptop is nothing special, an Equium U400 which is quite old, but still works well. 3GB RAM so there are no issues there.
Any suggestions as to how I can tweak the system to see this card, or do I have to accept that it just won't read some cards!



Having tested this with several cards, I have to conclude that this is a hardware issue in that my reader will not 'read' SDHC cards unfortunately!
If you anybody does have a bit of good fortune and manages to find a work-a-round solution, please let me know! Thanks
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