Problem mapping W2k3 shares from GUI

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Problem mapping W2k3 shares from GUI

Postby g33kphr33k on Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:43 am

Hi Folks

I've just recently gone back to LMDE from Gentoo (which I love, but too easy to break) as I really like the Debian editions and what the folks here have done with it. Before I left I was using the XFCE edition and in Thunar or Nautilus I could just do smb://SERVERNAME/Share and it would give me the user/pass window. Tap it in and voila.

Now, it never makes the authentication and just repeatedly asks for me to try and login and then fails.

From the command line, I can mount to a share without issue so it's definitely a GUI based problem.

Any idea on missing packages? I've got smbclient & gvfs-fuse installed.
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