Need help custumizeing the Live CD

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Need help custumizeing the Live CD

Postby Jessey Lawson on Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:53 pm

Ok so I am using linux MInt 13 64bit cinnamon and I need help customizing the Live CD. I tried a few things but none works. Ok so the softwear I am useing is remastersys and I can get most things to work but some small but inporant things. I need to change these things so the custom Live CD can work the way I want it.

1:Browsers load to my homepage
I tried going to the menu on the pannel and customizing the site the Browsers go to when they start. I used the %U and the web page, but it doesn't make changes to the remaster copy. So I now found the firefox root file and I want to instert some code so it will automaticly load the site I want. It is in /usr/share/firefox/defaults/pref/apturl.js so is this the file I need to edit and what is the code I need to insert there. I want to do this to all my browsers.

2: Geting a new welcome pop up
Usaly when the Mint boots up the Welcome to Mint thing pops up. Again I want to change how it looks so it goes with my themes. So do you know where the file is and some code to help me customize it.
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