Ethernet light turns on during shutdown

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Ethernet light turns on during shutdown

Postby jameswilddev on Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:03 pm

Recently installed Mint 13 on a HP G56 laptop after having a good experience with Mint 12 on an Eee 701. I came back into the room with my laptop after going out and noticed there was light coming from the side of it despite it being shut down for a number of hours. On closer inspection, this was coming from the Ethernet port, which has two LED indicators. (I don't know anything about networking, but they're both white) On powering up the laptop, the light goes off immediately. I've checked the BIOS, and Wake-On-LAN is turned off. In fact, the only way I can get this light to go on, oddly enough, is to log into Mint, and then shut down the machine, in which state it stays on until I take out the battery, the battery depletes, or I turn on the machine.

I don't know how much of the machine is staying on for this to happen, but the battery depletes at about a rate of 5-10% an hour when the light is on, when normally that figure applies over a day.

I also don't know much about the Linux shutdown sequence, and what could be interacting with the Ethernet hardware during shutdown.

It's not a huge problem, just an odd one, was wondering if anybody has any insights. I'm aware that Windows driver vendors often include software workarounds for hardware design faults and stuff, (and indeed this doesn't happen under Windows) while the open source versions sometimes don't.

Thank you.
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