avconv command line question

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avconv command line question

Postby Oscar_NL on Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:00 am


I try to convert 1400 .wmv files to .mp4 format.
I initiated to do this with ffmpeg, but since it's depricated, "avconv" is recommended.

The command I use is :
avconv -i '/home/user/a/b/c/_Done_Uploaded/abc/2292/filename-0.wmv' -f mp4 -acodec mp2 '/home/user/a/b/c/_Done_Uploaded/abc/2292/filename-0.mp4'
When I add the first 100 lines like above, but just with increasing filename-1.wmv, filename-2.wmv etc,
after about 30 of 35 converted files the following msg does pops up:

File '/home/user/a/b/c/_Done_Uploaded/abc/2292/filena
avconv -i ' already exists. Overwrite ? [y/N]
*Please note the broken file name, and missing .ext !

Choosing "y" or "N" doesnt make much difference, it will try to convert 1 or 2 files more, and then closes it's process.

I also tried to have the paths without use of the Apostrophe Sign.

Who can give me some pointers to have a look into, it would be very time consuming for me if i wouldnt be able to convert per batch. :)
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