Power/Sleep related issues on Lenovo W30

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Power/Sleep related issues on Lenovo W30

Postby MajorTom on Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:14 pm

I am seeing a couple of confusing things on Mint 13 (Kde) on my Lenovo w530 laptiop.

1. When not in dock the power icon is always shown - either battery with a plug or a battery depending if I the cable is in or not.
2. When in dock it's no longer shown. Which is ok, but is it supposed to act the same as undocked but with power cable in?
3. When laptop resumes from sleep undocked and no cable the power icon is often a battery with a plug (I'd expect just a battery). Plugging/unplugging the cable resets to the battery-no-plug icon.

4. In Configure->Configure per-activity Power Management settings I see this message:

The activity service is running with bare functionalities.
Names and icons of the activities might not be available

What does it mean and how I resolve this condition?

5. Infrequently I experience problems related to sleep. I recall these scenarios:
- laptop doesn't go to sleep but spins the hard drive indefinitely. The desktop is shown but completely unresponsive.
- on resume the screen is blank and unresponsive.

Are these known issues?
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