Giant fonts in MDM login box after upgrade

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Giant fonts in MDM login box after upgrade

Postby supergrapeman on Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:35 am

Hi there,
more of a niggle than a major problem, this..

after doing an upgrade to LMDE (dist-upgrade), the fonts in the login box (not all the fonts just the ones where you're typing your username and password) are GIANT!

I can't find any way of getting them back to normal.

I've tried uninstalling mdm (including purge) and re-installing. No joy. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to configure the font sizes in the GUI, so I'm not sure how they got big in the first place. I did change the overall font size in Cinnamon (up to 1.5x) as an experiment, maybe it inherited from there? Anyhow, any pointers would be appreciated.

Cheers all,
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