Overall installation MacBookPro9,1

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Overall installation MacBookPro9,1

Postby rottger1911 on Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:17 am


current problems: NVIDIA graphicadapter shows a "/dev/nvidia0 is not accessible" errorreport, when starting the graphics.

there is an overall performance LACK on this machine... sometimes its very laggy - and seems to drop many frames. As of this configuration, this is just not acceptable.

It could be summarized as "RAM-HICKUP" - but i would say, i encounter it also some other times, when it needs some fullseconds, to eG get a window moved to fullscreen position!

are there DESKTOP and OVERALL benchmarks, that can show - the real performance of an system?

eG the running of C&C1 in openRA really gives laggy response, but on a computer from eG 2008 for really less effort, there is no problem in switchingthrough this mono-app.

Can you PLEASE hint me, of howto get a LINUX-SYSTEM to STABLE-QUICK-SWITCHING state, as it could be memoried by a MacBookPro9.1 from 2012 with IVYBRIDGE, QUADCOREI7, 4 GIG OF RAM and a GEFORCE GT Graphic-Adapter.

At this state - this poor response and overall performance is just not acceptable..,

it gets heavier if eG chromiumbrowser, for noreason, eat up all RAM, but in reality. this overall LAGS are there everywhere - sometimes i think a 486dx2 is quicker, and foremost stabler counting its numbers, then these piece of priceware... !

hope their are some people, who can give knowledgable speed-performance solutions and hints... !


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