Apps not running unless opened as root

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Apps not running unless opened as root

Postby jeveleth3 on Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:04 am

(I am running Linux Mint cinnamon 14)Ive been having this problem with two of my apps called "Gnome-Pie" and "Netflix Desktop" if I click on the Netflix Desktop app it just shows a loading icon for my pointer and then goes away and nothing happens, if I click the Gnome-Pie app my comp just makes a wierd noise like it is trying to load it but nothing happens too. If I right-click these apps and choose "Open as root" they start up with no problem. Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? Or if there is a script to open the Netflix Desktop app as root automatically and if possible put in my password automatically too? So it just starts right up? The thing with the Gnome-Pie app is that I can't settle for running it as root because it causes everything that I open in it to also run as root and it doesnt have any of my settings or preferences in it if I open it as root compared to regularly running it. I found a workaround for Gnome-Pie but it required me to find my old settings before this bug started happening and open them from there. Ill show you the difference in running Gnome-Pie as terminal and regular. Also since Gnome-Pie only runs in terminal and if I find the old preferences file, it wont run automatically when I log in.
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