Yota USB modem / VB session to act as a network server?

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Yota USB modem / VB session to act as a network server?

Postby ijason on Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:59 am

good afternoon.

as usual i've got something that i would like to try, and that sounds like it should work, but don't really know how to execute the project.

where i am, my internet is provided through a USB cellular modem (YOTA brand, to be specific), and i would like to share this internet connection to my wireless router. my router has a USB port and support for cellular modems, but not specifically the YOTA, and i've hit a dead-end with getting it to work that way.

so my idea is that i could plug the modem into my media pc (running Mint13), and have that computer act as a network server, pushing the connectivity from the modem to the WAN port on my router. of course, this would make it very difficult to access media content on that computer, AND give the media pc greater exposure than i prefer. so i have a plan:

using a usb hub, i could plug the usb YOTA device, and a usb hard-wired NIC dongle, into one port on the media pc. i could then set up a virtual box and give that VB access to the single usb port, and deny access to that usb port to the rest of the media pc. then the media pc's standard NIC could plug into a regular port on the router.

i feel like this would accomplish several good things at once. first, the VB hosting the modem / acting as a network server would be completely insulated from the content on the media PC. second, it would let my media PC be accessable via the wireless router because it would be on the LAN side of things. third, if there was any problems with Mint talking to the YOTA or acting as a network server i have the option of running whatever OS works easiest for the job in the VB.

has anyone here tried anything remotely like this? any help about how to proceed would be greatly appreciated :)
anyone used mint as a network server?
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