Remmina Multiple Connections via Command-line

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Remmina Multiple Connections via Command-line

Postby AE2100A on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:33 pm

I have learned that Remmina can be controlled by the command-line. So, "remmina -c ~/.remmina/1354534660563.remmina" will start a remote connection. I have strung a few of my remote connections together in a bash, in order to open many connections at once. However, the script seems to get stuck after opening the first connection and the rest of the connections never get opened. I am using a ";" (semi-colon) to issue multiple commands, so I don't think it is my script that has the problem. It may be that it is remmina that has the problem. I say this because if I kill the remmina session that was first opened, then the second remmina session will open.

Does anyone know of a way to open multiple remmina sessions via script?

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