cinamon on netbook, panel items got misplaced

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cinamon on netbook, panel items got misplaced

Postby just_to_all on Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:37 am


My Machine :
i have netbook with the dreaded intel poulsbo or gma500 or whatever they call it, so no graphics support here, maybe thats the problem. But despite this and the overheating (79 deg Celcius yes C not F) mint nearly makes it for daily work.

My present problem:
Please see the attached image, the menu icon on the panel somehow got moved to the right and now it just moves away to the right when i open up any programs , its soo annoying that its giving me headaches. and all that tinckering has left me even more confused with the whole linux thing with terminal and stuff, So Please Please can someone Be Kind Enough to Guide Me through the Process of restoring This panel item to the left most

I dont know why the hell did i bought this machine, but now i cant afford anything else so i will have to live with it.
I am broke.

Need Help, so gimme some
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