Remount NFS after suspend

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Remount NFS after suspend

Postby cpsully69 on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:02 pm

Using Mint-14x64, I have my /home mounted via an NFS share that is served by my Synology NAS device (running NFS server v3) on my home network.

The PC suspends to ram 'just fine' and when I resume, I get my wallpaper, mouse pointer and the date/time at the top of the screen. It's otherwise frozen.

Then I ctrl-alt-F1 to get a shell, I find the 'ls /home/myuser' yeilds nothing, and freezes the shell (or I don't wait long enough). The mount command shows NFS isn't mounted. The 'mountall' command freezes similarly to the above 'ls' command.

The NFS server is ping-able the entire time, and a reboot solves all the problems, /home mounts just fine then.

My fstab settings are: nfs defaults, user,auto,noatime,intr 0 0

Are there other/better fstab settings to address this? Is there something I should put in one of the sleep.d scripts? This is the first time I've played wtih NFS, I'm not seasoned enough, and could really use some suggestions.

Thank you!
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