Dual boot system losing internet after a few minutes

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Dual boot system losing internet after a few minutes

Postby ling ling on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:18 am

I am new to linux but have read through a lot of forums with similar problems to what I am experiencing. None of the fixes these other people used have worked for me so far but some have helped.

I have two dual boot Windows 7 / Linux Mint 14 systems. One is a HP Laptop the other a Lenovo Desktop. The laptop works perfectly with Linux, never loses internet connection, very fast online experience, I love it. My desktop however isn't so lucky.. They are both running the exact same linux. My desktop will always appear to be connected but won't always have the ability to use the internet (through a wireless connection). Windows 7 never experiences any problems online.

I've started releasing the ip from windows 7 everytime I log off which helps with the initail connection. and I've found a temporary fix for disconnection during use. When the internet stops working I disconnect and re-connect. This will give me internet for another 1-2 minutes then repeat.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully there is a really easy fix I looked over.. I'm new to linux, so your patience is appreciated.

*edit linux 14 (Nadia)
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