xrandr rotation in sync with synaptic touchpad

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xrandr rotation in sync with synaptic touchpad

Postby darethehair on Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:09 pm

WIth a 'patched' version of the synaptic touchpad driver ('/usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/synaptics_drv.so') it is possible to 'rotate' the interface to match a screen rotation using 'xrandr' -- this is well known. Here is one link that discusses it:


I used a variation of this to manually patch, compile, and replace my synaptic touchpad driver on my LMDE-based netbook today. Using the new 'Orientation' parameter when invoking 'synclient' works fine.

However, I have two questions -- one generic, and another related to Cinnamon:

1) Anyone know why this 'patch' isn't already permanently part of the synaptic driver, avoiding the need for people to hunt down matching driver and patch source code, compiling, etc? I know my way around doing stuff like this, but a newbie would be intimidated -- I think!

2) The suggestion in the link above is to substitute a custom version of 'xrandr' that will invoke 'synclient' to make a matching rotation. I assumed that the Cinnamon 'Monitor Display' applet would be calling 'xrandr', and this would work to 'trick' it to invoking the custom script to rotate the synaptic touchpad as well -- but it does not. Looking at the following location suggests to me that 'xrandr' is not being invoked directly (though I do not understand how it works otherwise):

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Is there a plan to somehow accommodate a current (current patched or future regular) version of the synaptic touchpad driver to handle this nicely?

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