Windows maximizing behind panel in deskbar mode

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Windows maximizing behind panel in deskbar mode

Postby CyLith on Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:04 am

I have a dual monitor setup (dual 1080p side by side), and in XFCE4, I only have a single panel in vertical deskbar mode that sits on the left of the right monitor (so yes, it sits in the middle of the logical desktop). When I maximize windows on the right monitor, the windows are maximized to the full size of the monitor and so the left edge of maximized windows are hidden underneath my panel. I have the "Don't reserve space on borders" option unchecked and it still does this. I noticed that if I move the panel to the left monitor (so it as far left as possible), then windows on the left monitor maximize properly to the narrower size. Is this a bug or due to some settings mixup?
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