Mint 14 XFCE Freezes<SOLVED>

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Mint 14 XFCE Freezes<SOLVED>

Postby ndea447 on Sun Dec 30, 2012 8:30 pm

I installed Mint Xfce fine and ran it for a while with no issues, but recently when I log in I get keyring popping up and when it does the foreground freezes. I try to type in the password or do anything else with the system and it doesn't respond to the mouse or keyboard. The background changes as I have screenlets that continue to update and change and the background changes in the correct amount of time.

I didn't find out what was causing the freezing issue, but I was able to get it to stop. When logging into Xfce I was asked to pick a session and there was a default. No matter if I picked the default or started a new session it would freeze. I deleted the ~/.cache/sessions directory and it removed this choice from the login screen. After that I was able to boot normally into Xfce though keyring still asked me for my credentials I was able to type my password in.
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