Mint 14 Cinnamon forgets USB is preferred sound device

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Mint 14 Cinnamon forgets USB is preferred sound device

Postby yatesco on Mon Dec 31, 2012 8:04 pm

Hi all,

I have a USB headset (microphone and speakers) and when I plug it in it is recognised. If I then go into Sound settings I can choose the headset in "Output", "Input" and "Hardware".

The problem is that if I put the computer to sleep or reboot it, Sound Settings will still list the headset but it is no longer selected, rather than default "Built-in Audio Analogue Stereo" (for example) is selected.

This has happened on Ubuntu as well, just FYI.

Any ideas on how to persist this selection? I guess it is to do with USB being hot swappable?, so how do I tell the Linux sound system (alsa/pulse?) "always use this headset when it is plugged in"?


P.S Wasn't sure if this should go into the hardware forum... admin, please feel free to move it if necessary
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