Debian KDe edition an ufi boot

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Debian KDe edition an ufi boot

Postby cudayne on Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:06 am

I got a couple questions. This was the year I bought a new computer an its great. I want too try Lmde the unofficial kde version but I got a few questions.

I build/rebuild restore an sell used computers so this is the first time I have ran into the ufi thing on this new laptop.

now My second oldest son uses this computer for his homeschool an Linux wont work for his online classes.

I need too keep the windows 8 pro partition. The sticky thing is if you disable the ufi in the bios windows 8 will not boot.

My first question is when I setup the boot loader after installing Linux mind debian edition will the boot loader it comes with correct this?

Second is an easy answer but for some reason I cant find the download link too the debian kde iso so I can download an burn it.
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