Xfce Desktop on LM14 Mate No Event Sound

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Xfce Desktop on LM14 Mate No Event Sound

Postby crazyg4merz on Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:55 am

I'm using Xfce session and got no event sound working. No problem on other sound like listening to music and video, except event sound.
I've Gstreamer-Alsa, Alsa-utils, base, linux-sound, and any other packages needed for Alsa and using Xfce4-mixer plugin for my volume applet and got no problem. I also installed libcanberra-gstreamer, libcanberra-gtk3-0, libcanberra-gtk3-module and got nothing. I also tried installing Fresh and Clean sound theme and applied it using mate-media-gstreamer as Volume Control.
And after doing a lot of googling I tried installing PulseAudio and resulted my other sounds broken, like when I mute the computer the sounds do not come out without manually unmute from the Audio Mixer. So I uninstalled PulseAudio. But there's something that make me even confused is there is an event sound when I'm using Downthemall, like when I want to remove completed download it showed me the dialog-question event sound from the Fresh and Clean theme. So I believe the event sound works with Alsa, but I don't know why the sound doesn't show up using other apps like in file manager, desktop, etc.
Please someone help me with this because I'm getting bored with my silent laptop and I want it talk more with me :)
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