How to quickly add/restore panel launchers (Cinnamon)

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How to quickly add/restore panel launchers (Cinnamon)

Postby oscarjd74 on Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:27 am

Adding a lot of panel launchers can be tedious using the conventional method of right-clicking in the menu. It is especially tedious if you're installing multiple computers or if you do a fresh installation each half year.

Luckily there is a quick and convenient way to do it on the command line.

To see the current panel launchers setting, open a terminal and enter:
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gsettings get org.cinnamon panel-launchers

This will output something like: ['firefox.desktop', 'gnome-terminal.desktop', 'nemo.desktop']

To set your custom panel launchers, open a terminal and enter something like (note the double quotes):
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gsettings set org.cinnamon panel-launchers "['nemo.desktop', 'firefox.desktop', 'thunderbird.desktop', 'sonata.desktop', 'gedit.desktop', 'libreoffice-writer.desktop', 'libreoffice-calc.desktop', 'gcalctool.desktop', 'gnucash.desktop', 'gnome-terminal.desktop', 'synaptic.desktop']"

You can use the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications or create your own in ~/.cinnamon/panel-launchers.

To restore your panel launchers from a previous installation:
1. Run the gsettings get command in the previous installation and save the result.
2. Copy ~/.cinnamon/panel/launchers from a previous installation to the new one.
3. Run the gsettings set command in the new installation using the result saved in step 1.
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Re: How to quickly add/restore panel launchers (Cinnamon)

Postby highwind on Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:17 pm

but why can't "nemo.desktop" be added?

First nemo is here:
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ls /usr/share/applications/ | grep nemo

Code: Select all
gsettings set org.cinnamon panel-launchers "['cinnamon-custom-launcher-1.desktop','firefox.desktop', 'nemo.desktop']"

but no nemo in launcher at all
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