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Connection Issues!

Postby Irwin109 on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:46 am

Ok so couldn't find any post matching this problem, might have been what I chose to search but anyway...

I have a netbook with Linux Mint (Maya) installed, for the past year and a bit it has been absolutely fine. I use it at home wirelessly and at a friends wirelessly. However about a week back it stopped picking up my friends wireless, it's not coming up in the list at all but other connections are. My netbook still connects at home and other people can still connect wirelessly at my friends, I've been scratching my head over what could be happening, I even tried sitting right next to his router to see if the range had dropped suddenly for some reason, still no luck. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, any details needed I'll post but I may need some clue as to where to find said details as I'm not exactly pro' on Linux even after using it for two or three years (I had Ubuntu before Mint)
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