How exactly does mintinstall work

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How exactly does mintinstall work

Postby Csh0hu on Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:26 pm

I have a few questions about the software manager i'm not sure if this is the exact place to ask if not then please someone redirect me.

The software manager uses the same servers as the one in ubuntu. When i watch tcpdump i see it connect to several different servers.

First of all i would like to ask how it works to download. Does it use a torrentlike system or does it have to start the download completely anew when interrupted?
My guess is the second but i'm pretty new to this but i feel, and sorry for imposing my newbish opinion here anyone would benefit if a torrentlike system were to be used that could just pick up where it left after or while checking the downloaded parts. Excuse me if this is very much impossible. It's just a thought i had and thought i should share. I know it shares the same servers with ubuntu so i have no idea of the practicalities involved in this.
When i click it off because for instance it's taking too long i noticed my connection kept running. So i tried top / ps -A and the process was indeed still running and downloading.
When i click the software manager GUI back on however after closing it. I notice the progress bar says '0 ongoing actions', yet the process 'mintinstall' is still running in the background and downloading.
So my second question then : if i let it run after closing the gui down, will it still install the package i selected completely ?
When i re-open the software manager after closing down the gui and while the mintinstall process is still running and i select the same package to re-install (because the progress bar says '0 ongoing' actions it doesn't react. My guess is this is because the process is still running since when i do apt-get install in a terminal it tells me it can't lock some directory.
But i get no error message when i use the gui. Nor does it ask me if i want to terminate the ongoing process.
And third : is there a way to check some option on the gui to get a more verbose mode than just one single progress bar please?
I just noticed while using apt-get install package i.o. the mintinstall gui it continues where i left off before reboot. It was at the first part at 3% and continued from there after a hard system reboot.
Code: Select all
Do you want to continue [Y/n]? y
Get:1 quantal/universe nexuiz-textures all 2.5.2-6 [521 MB]
6% [1 nexuiz-textures 49.9 MB/521 MB 10%]

So, if i were to do the same using mintinstall before and after a reboot would it have the same result and how could i check the progress if it does, please? If at all, i know any linux distro is always work in progress i dont wanna troll or push anyone here but my curiosity and paranoia needs satisfaction.
I"m sorry if this looks more like a bug report than a questionnaire, i just want to find out how this stuff works exactly so i know what's happening. I've had a lot of weirdness on my connection lately and i need to understand what is doing what.
Other than that , i'm a very satisfied Nadia user.
if you need my system specs its Intel Core2Duo E8600 not overclocked, 4gb ddr2, Ati 6970 w latest beta drivers installed, i connect via a wifi and use a vpn 99% of the time for everything and the mint version is Nadia 14 64 bit

thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to reply
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