Wine 1.5 -> Wine 1.4 fixes Audition and Foobar problems

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Wine 1.5 -> Wine 1.4 fixes Audition and Foobar problems

Postby Flemur on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:42 pm

Just FYI -

I noticed that adobe audition (thru wine 1.5) was using 30% CPU at idle, and wineserver using 22% at idle (when audition was started, but not doing anything). (Shown with conky - values were somewhat higher with gnome-system-monitor)

And foobar's popups (e.g. scroll volume control or song position, a popup shows a numerical value) covered the whole screen rather than being perhaps 20x50 pixels, making it pretty obnoxious to use.

Anywho, I UNinstalled Wine 1.5, installed Wine 1.4 and foobar's popups are the correct size and audition and wineserver use 0% at idle, and appropriately low values when running (about .6% CPU for wineserver).
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