Using gnome-keyring-daemon in scripts

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Using gnome-keyring-daemon in scripts

Postby branchcut on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:29 pm

Hi all,

I'm running XFCE. I run a certain script from a cron job which accesses a remote server via password-less SSH.

In the past, I used keychain to unlock my private keys. keychain would deposit a file in my home directory which I could source in my script to get the envrionment variables, particularly the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable.

Now, I am using XFCE and I'm trying to use the gnome-keyring-daemon to do the same thing. I've checked the "Launch GNOME services on startup" option in the setting panel, and I have the SSH_AUTH_SOCK in my environment. This variable is not available to my cronjob script, however.

Like I said, in the past, I would source a file produced by keychain. Is there something I can do with gnome-keyring-daemon to do the same thing? Basically, I'd like to grab the environment variables associated with the already running gnome-keyring-daemon and make them available to my script.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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