Bluetooth headset reset on mint 14

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Bluetooth headset reset on mint 14

Postby blippy on Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:48 pm

I set up my bluetooth headset successfully on Mint 14. After pulling out and re-inserting my bluetooth USB dongle, I cannot get the headset to work again.

The headset appears in the task bar sound applet. However, when I use something like Blueman Device Manager, and click Search, the headset is not detected.

There's something even weirder ... If I select my bluetooth headphones as the sound output, and I try to play a Youtube video, it plays at an accelerated pace, but I hear no sound. However, if I then switch the sound output to the built in audio analogue stereo, then the Youtube plays at a normal pace, and I can hear the sound through the normal (non-bluetooth) headphone channel.


Is there any fix to this, like trying to get Mint to "forget" about the bluetooth headphones and start hardware detection from scratch?
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