LMDE on Asus Laptop - Graphics issue

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LMDE on Asus Laptop - Graphics issue

Postby shaunoleary on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:22 am

Hello all - I have a very weird problem :cry:
Installed LMDE (201204 edition running MATE) on an Asus laptop that has an Intel 2nd Generation Core Family graphics chip. The video display is corrupted in that the rightmost quarter of the screen appears on the left-hand side of the screen instead. Basically it's as if someone chopped off the right side of the screen and put it on the left of the screen.

Graphics are OK otherwise, glxgears runs full-pelt. This is frustrating as I am trying to get my brother-in-law into using Linux instead of W*nd*ws, but the corrupted display is a bit of a let-down as to how great Linux is. I have had two laptops give this same sympton (I know one was an Asus, I'm almost sure the other was an Asus as well.

I have tried updating graphics drivers thru Synaptic - no change. Also completed a system update - again, no change. :?

Thanks guys...
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