Default keyring password for Ubuntu One

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Default keyring password for Ubuntu One

Postby Brian12 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:09 pm

I recently installed Mint 14 with Xfce. That went very well. Then I added Ubuntu One. That too went well except that it asked me to supply a default keyring password. I did not know what that was for so I just supplied a nice long, strong one and continued. Everything works fine except now whenever I log in I get prompted for that ridiculous password I chose.

From a lot of searching I get the sense that the login process automatically supplies my usual password to the default keyring and is only prompting me because I set a different password for the keyring. Is this correct?

If so, how can I change the default keyring password?

When I launch seahorse the GUI shows an entry for "Ubuntu One" and an entry for "Unlock password for: default". Going into the properties of the latter allows me to see the password I chose and to type over it with my regular login password. When I log out and then back in I still get prompted for the default keyring password and only the original works. When I go back into seahorse I still see my old password. It's as if it doesn't really save my new one?

From the searching I have done it looks like some people just remove the password but I would prefer it to just reuse my login pw.

Would anyone here care to share any expertise on this?


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