Rescan USB bus with ir remote

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Rescan USB bus with ir remote

Postby vidtek on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:29 am

Hi everyone,

Been using Mint for about 6 months, defected from Mythbuntu-a big thankyou to all developers of Mint.

System: Mint 14 KDE i7 16gb ram Gigabyte mobo, Nvidia GTS450, fusionHD, U300 Compro USB tuner stick, HD Homerun (Kaiser Baas) network tuner.

My system works fine mostly, but every now and then, my keyboard and mouse stop.

Due to wifey factors, my tower has been relegated to the garage since we moved (downsized) to our new place. On the louge wall hangs my 55 Samsung E8000 LCD, what a beauty!
The wall separating the garage and the lounge is single brick and has one small conduit where the aerial comes in.
I managed to get 2 extra Cat5e cables squeezed into this conduit along with the aerial so I can get HDMI over cat5 with great results, but alas, there is no room for a USB cable. My solution was to run a USB extension to a d-link 7-port USB powered hub which sits atop my beer fridge in the garage.
This works well with 2 Logitech unifying wireless remote dongles which connet to my K800 keyboard and wireless mouse. On this hub is also a linksys bluetooth dongle so ther are 4 spare ports.

Mythtv runs beautifully on this rig, but every now and then I have to get up and unplug the USB cable from the rear of the hub, wait a couple of seconds, plug it back in, and the keyboard and mouse will then work just fine for hours or days. Very strange.

I have set up my Logitech Harmony i100 remote with Mythtv and it works well, I also installed KDE Remote, which puts a fancy little icon on the taskbar and flashes when it receives an infra-red signal. This little application is just brilliant, I can do almost anything with the computer using this app. It has the capability to simulate keystrokes, can address the D-bus system and so I was wondering if I could use it to reset the USB bus?

I tried reading the udev rules and man pages for commands to do this, and ended up getting a headache. None of it made any kind of sense, I think a bipolar genius/idiot wrote it. Googling brought me a very few responses but no solutions other than one suggested on the ArchLinux forum where there seem to be some very unhelpful and rude people (not like Mint eh?).

There is probably an undocumented command lying out there somewhere which rescans and resets the USB bus.

I just 'aint been able to find it; like so many before me.

Hope my ramblings are not too wearisome for you, Tony.
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