Cracking/Popping sound during and after start up

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Cracking/Popping sound during and after start up

Postby pixtu on Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:43 pm

I have a working system with Ubuntu 10.04 with no problems.

When trying out an installation with Nadia and Mate I frequently get an extremely annoying cracking/popping noise from the left speaker (which may actually be the system speaker rather than the onboard sound), which makes the system unusable.

Odd pops start during the boot process and once I login they become regular, perhaps a frequency of two per second. The 'pops' continue even if the sound is muted. Occasionally I can boot without the problem occurring after login, although there will usually be some popping during the boot process, and even more occasionally the popping will cease on it's own.

This problem also occurs with Ubuntu 12.10, Xubuntu 12.10 but not with other distros such as Manjaro, so it would appear to be a problem with the base Ubuntu system. All these were using a Live CD version. Mint Nadia was installed.

My system is a Sony FS315S, Pentium Mobile, nVidia Graphics and Intel Audio.

I'm guessing that the problem is something to do with Alsa or Pulse and something that has obviously changed since 10.04.

I have seen numerous posts in a number of forums (including Ubuntu and Mint) which suggest various changes, mostly to do with the sound going into power saving mode. I have tried all of these things to no avail.

In case it may help identify a solution, I have three files created by the alsa-info script. alsa-manj.txt ( was when running Manjaro (no problems), alsa-xubu.txt ( running Xubuntu (with the sound problem) and alsa-1004.txt ( running Ubuntu 10.04 (no sound problems).

Can anyone suggest what I can change or do to stop the noise please?

PS. I forgot to add that if a media file is played during the popping, then the media sound only appears to be affected by a rapid 'coming and going' of the sound/volume. In all other respects the sound seems to be working normally. Whilst the popping is at a fixed (quite loud) volume, the media playback volume can be muted , raised or lowered via the speaker sound controls.
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