Display brightness on Macbook Pro 5,4 …

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Display brightness on Macbook Pro 5,4 …

Postby Linux Mind on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:22 am

… under Linux Mint Nadia.

Hello out there, I am a complete Newbie to Linux and this forum, too, so first I wanna greet all of you - you have been really helpful to me in the last days when I fiddled around with my double-boot Linux installation on my 2009 Macbook Pro.

Nearly everything works fine right now, despite that dammed issue with display brightness which seemingly many of you already know quite well - I have been reading a lot ! Using F1 and F2, I can easily adjust the control on the screen - but display brightness itself does not change at all. Only when I flip down the display (susppend), wait a few seconds and then reopen the lid again will the display have the new brightness setting.

This effect came up when I changed to the NVIDIA 304.64 (stable) which I had to do, because I needed dual display support (before, the system used "Gallium something" as a driver) to my Geforce 9400 M card. Since then I am fiddling around with bkms and pommed and whatsoever I could find in the forums - with no change at all. Has anybody fixed that ? How ?

As well, coming from Mac OS, I am used to dragging objects around on the desktop from A to B in several steps with the touchpad. Now, everytime I draw my finger away from the pad (because I reach the boarder of either the pad or my fingers reach), the object sticks (could I describe that in an understandeable way ?) in the place where it is (e.g. a folder on the way between A and B), but where I did not want it to be. Is there a solution to this ?

Thanks in advance and bye,

Linux Mind
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