Problem with LMDE Bootup

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Problem with LMDE Bootup

Postby dover on Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:25 pm

Hi, sorry for my english. I have a problem.
I downloaded LMDE 32 bit Mate and burned to usb stick (with unetbootini, checksum is correctly done).
LMDE start normally and without any problem and therefore i decided to install it.
My hard disk have this partition:
1- Primary (recovery) 2- Primary (xp) 3- Extended (3a - Logical "puppy linux" 3b - Logical) 4- Primary (Data)

I've installed LMDE in partition 3b and all went fine. I don't installed the grub from LMDE installation process, but after installation is complete I restart in Puppy linux and i reinstall Grub4Dos from here. Grub4Dos found 3 operative system in my pc (Windows xp - Puppy Linux - LMDE) and at reboot I see all the three options on the grub's screen. But, when i select LMDE, it appears several rows of error messages (ex: "kernel panic" and more others that I don't understand) and after no more rows.
The boot of LMDE is clearly failed. Have you an idea about how to fix this problem?
Thank you.
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Re: Problem with LMDE Bootup

Postby grimdestripador on Sat Jan 26, 2013 6:34 am

You need the correct boot string for linux mint. I think the grub4dos autodetected the partitions/disks correct. But does not know about the special parameters needed to be passed to the kernel at boot time. This can usually be fixed. is the a grub.cfg in the grub4dos directoy?
Is there anyone else with LMDE who can provide 'cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg'?
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