Intermittend connection with DNS/TCP lag

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Intermittend connection with DNS/TCP lag

Postby laurids on Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:24 pm

I'm running Mint 14 on a Macbook Air (last model).
The wireless card is Broadcom Corporation BCM43224 with wl driver.

I can connect to any wireless network without any problems, but the connection itself is desperately intermittent and I can't figure out what's wrong with that. I'm happily browsing the web and all of a sudden loading a page takes 60-70 seconds - even on the same website.

According to curl, fetching takes

Code: Select all
      DNS lookup                          :  21.685
      Connect to server (TCP)             :  23.071
      Connect to server (HTTP/S)          :  0.000
      Time from start until transfer began:  23.071
      Time for redirection (if any)       :  0.000
      Total time before transfer started  :  24.207

             Total time                   :  79.011
             Size of download (bytes)     :  113349
             Average d/l speed (bytes/s)  :  1434.000

1) There is something wrong with the DNS resolution for sure, but I hard-coded the opendns servers on the head of /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head and still it takes more then 21 seconds to look them up. confused!?

2) On the top of that I have 23 more seconds to "connect to the server" which makes even less sense to me.

Again, the connection is not always like that - but it's like that for roughly 50% of the time and this is driving me insane.

Anyone out here has any clue? Thank you.

EDIT: Chrome just complained about a DNS lookup failure so it could be the case that this is mostly a DNS issue. I tried to dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf - no luck.

My resolv.conf:

Code: Select all
# I added these on my resolv.conf.d/head file


# OpenDNS fallback (configure by blabla)
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