no more menu bars and tools bars

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no more menu bars and tools bars

Postby drefhill on Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:34 pm

My menu and tools bar have disapered so i only have the desktop with the icons/shortcuts.
Even the active coin doesn't work.
If i open a software it doesn't have the frame, for Firefox for example i don't have the top bar which is very anoing to close or reduce a window (shortcuts like alt + F4 doesn't works).
ALT + F2 doesn't work.
If i change the .config folder to .config_old and restart the session everything come back with the deffault settings.
But i have a lot of setting and would like to keep them.
So which file could be the cause of the trouble ?
When the problem appears i were setting up the "menu" shortcuts with "alacarte" (right clic on "menu") i only unchecked a box and then everything disapered.

Thank you
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