Suggestions for Alternative Revenue Streams for Mint

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Suggestions for Alternative Revenue Streams for Mint

Postby ASmith on Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:59 am


This thread of comments is for the open and encouraged discussion on proposing and hopefully implementing alternative revenue streams to fund the Mint Community, Developers and Infrastructure. This thread in no fashion is meant to substitute nor eliminate the standard Mint get involved and sponsors website [2][3]. However it is targeted towards exploring and discussing further and additional revenue streams that are possible yet unexplored, undeveloped and thus not implemented at this time but would appear to be a useful, helpful addition.

While for many during these economically depressing and stressed times it is difficult to make donations to the Mint Team in the form of cash or purchases for stickers and items however some of the following and discussed Alternative Revenue Streams for Mint are free to implement, costing you not a single cent to deploy other than the time you spend.


Free to implement:

1) Tell and encourage your computer friends to try a Mint Live Disk.
2) Encourage your social media followers and friends to try a Mint Live Disk.
3) Add a Got Mint? signature line to your emails or social media posts linking back to Linux Mint website.
4) Tell and encourage your computer friends on Twitter to add @linuxmint to keep updated. [1]
5) Copy each of the excellent Mint Tutorials in the Mint Community website, paste them into a e-book and then have the Linux Mint team offer it as a download to new Mint Users for a small but reasonable fee.
6) Graphic artists could help design Mint Graphics for coffee cups, tee-shirts etc. and then have the Linux Mint team offer them as new offerings for small but reasonable fees.
7) Create a Enterprise Mint Release aimed specifically at data entry business computer uses with a streamlined Linux Mint and big on security designed for business's replacing Win-x whose main use is MS-Office type applications.
8) Help translate the Mint Community tutorials and installed Mint Menus into other widely used languages


[1] Linux Mint search on Twitter
[2] Linux Mint Sponsors
[3] Linux Mint Get Involved
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