Linux Nadia - Telstra.Bigpond USB wireless stick

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Linux Nadia - Telstra.Bigpond USB wireless stick

Postby shalou on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:33 pm

Laptop: HP Compaq 6710b
USB Sierra 4g Wireless stick - Telstra Bigpond
Linux Mint: Nadia

I have been trying to get this usb stick connected by following the various instructions within the and Google searches but to no avail. When plugging in usb it is recognised by system, get blue light on bottom and green flashing. Have built a wireless network connection following instructions, as follows:

Number: *99#
Username: my
Password: my.password
APN: telstra.bigpond
Network ID: <Leave BLANK>
Type: Any
Allow roaming if home network not available: CHECKED
PIN: <Leave BLANK>

The "PPP Settings" Tab has the following settings
Allowed Methods: CHAP (you have to click the configure methods button and uncheck all the others)
Use point-to-point encryption (MPPE) UNCHECKED
Allow BSD data compression CHECKED
Allow Deflate data compression CHECKED
Use TCP header compression CHECKED
Send PPP echo packets UNCHECKED

The "IPv4 Settings" Tab is set to Automatic

When I plug the stick in and it is recognised, I then click red x bottom right and select "Telstra Bigpond", what I have called the connection - it spins as if connection but then states Modem disconnected. So no joy, can anyone tell me what I am missing? Spent hours on the phone with Telstra, but they had no idea. And think I have tried just about everything on the web that I have seen.
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Re: Linux Nadia - Telstra.Bigpond USB wireless stick

Postby cyberalex4life on Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:39 pm

I could only use my usb modem after a restart with the modem on
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