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VNC in Nadia MATE

Postby gorade on Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:15 am

Until I upgraded to Nadia on my three computers (64 and 32-bit) Julia did Vinagre like a breeze.
In my two Mate machines I cannot get connected to any of the other computers in my LAN.

On the third machine, a laptop 32-bit, I installed Linux Mint Nadia 14 Cinnamon. That machine can connect to itself with Vinagre (infinitely like mirrors), but not to any of the other MATE -equipped ones.

Changing firewalls, fiddling with the router (D-link Dir-825) doesn't change anything. With the Gnome2 there was no problem at all.

Before upgrading my machines had Gnome 2 desktops with Metacity. Now I guess the rub is in MATE.

As I like the more configurable and (except from VNC) more functional MATE MUCH better than Cinnamon, I do not want to change. Does anyone know if something could be done to make MATE handle VNC like Gnome2 did?
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