VPN - How to prevent data from leaking when disconnecting

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VPN - How to prevent data from leaking when disconnecting

Postby Nanix on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:32 pm

I'm looking for a way to prevent my data from leaking in case something happens and I loose connectivity with my vpn provider.

The two methods I found were basically:

1. Kill all connections in case the connectivity drops

2. Only allow connections to and from my vpn (ufw)

I've tried to use ufw but I have different problems when doing that. I set the firewall up to deny all connections except for in & out connections to the vpn provider. I use the network manager to connect me via openvpn.

1: I can't connect to my vpn anymore unless I use an ip adress to do so (I would usually use: myvpn.vpn.com)

2: In case I use an ip adress to connect to the vpn I can't actually access anything else. If I open my webbrowser I can't connect to anything.

I also tried to use method number one but I had problems in setting it up. I tried using
Code: Select all
 openvpn --down /etc/init.d/networking stop
but that didn't work out because openvpn obviously didn't like my formatting, so yeah... I'm kind of stuck right now.

Which method would you use here? How could I fix my problems? Please also provide a detailed "guide through" since I'm still pretty inexperienced with linux. Thanks for your help.
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